How to Use a Geiger Counter To Measure Radioactivity

Learning how to use a Geiger counter may sound very strange to millions of people worldwide and yet it remains important to know. These counters are useful tools as they can help detect radiation and if you want to check the levels within your home or office you’ll need to know how it works. If you don’t already know, radiation in many forms is dangerous and unfortunately invisible which means you can’t detect it with the human eye. You need Geiger counters to detect and measure the radioactivity levels, but how to use these machines?

Ensure Your Device Is Working

The first step is using radiation detector or a Geiger counter would be to ensure it works. Now, this is simple but an important step. Switch on the device; you’ll soon know if it isn’t working because there won’t be any clicks or beeps which there should be. If you hear beeping don’t panic as there are small radiation levels found in most areas today; normal levels will not give off high readings. If you ensure the device is working then you can be sure you can get an accurate reading.

Use the Tube to Pick Up Readings

Geiger counters have a small tube attached to them and the tube has a little window box to the end of it. When you wave this in the air, any radiation particles will enter this window and immediately the Geiger counter will react. The beeping or clicking from the machine will get louder and more frequent. This will basically tell you there is radiation present and the more the clicking, the more radiation there is. Some models may also come with a small reading box with a little hand and, when the readings are high, the hand readings will also be extremely high.

Is It Necessary to Know How to Use a Geiger counter Or Radiation Detectors?

Most wouldn’t believe they need a radiation detector or the need to know how to use Geiger counters either, but you might. Now, in most cases you won’t need to use these on a daily basis or for long periods of time, but that doesn’t mean to say you still shouldn’t know how to use them. These are really important items and everyone should learn how they work and how you can use them as well. You may find you never use them, but in all honesty you never truly know when you’ll need to rely on your skills. It may be that you help someone else use one of these counters, but it’s still good to know and understand these nonetheless.

Don’t Panic If You Hear Clicking

There is usually radiation found in many areas today and while radiation is never good, some levels are average and safe for the most part. However, higher readings are going to be extremely dangerous and it’s important to call for help if you get high readings within your home. Most counters will give off some clicking and this is normal, so don’t panic too much if you hear this. Your Geiger counter should click even when levels are at a safe level.

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